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Terms & Conditions
Registration - Registration is required for all Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC classes. By registering for the class your name will be added to the roster of the course date listed on the roster. Once Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC receives your registration we will response within 24-48 hours via e-mail to confirm. Please be aware that registration is only an intent to attend the class, it does not secure your spot in the class. To secure your spot in the class you MUST pay for the class seven (7) days in advance. Registration at the door is allowed if seats are available in the class. Personal checks will not be accepted at the door. A late fee will be assessed for all at the door registration (see below for detailed information about our late fees). Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC accepts the following payment: cash, credit card, money order, & business checks.

Refund Policy - A student or group who wishes to cancel participation in a scheduled public/private class will do so seven (7) days prior to the scheduled class date. A detailed e-mail is required of the cancellation. Including your name (company name), phone number, & course you're attending should be included in the e-mail. Once Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC receives your e-mail we will respond with a confirmation of receipt within 24-48 hours. Students or groups are entitled to rescheduling once without additional fees. Refunds will not be made if you cancel inside the seven (7) days of original scheduled course date. If you have paid using PayPal a processing fee from PayPal may be applied, amount of this fee is determined by the amount of your class and is processed by PayPal. Refunds requested outside the seven (7) days of original course date will incur a Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC processing fee of $5 for BLS & Heartsaver® courses, and a $15 for ACLS & PALS classes. Students who cancel the day of their scheduled class will forfeit any funds previously paid to Suncoast Heartsavers. There will be no refunds for all eLearning courses. NO Refunds for no shows.

Rescheduling - Students rescheduling a class may do seven (7) days prior to the class by notifying Suncoast Heartsavers via email or phone. No additional charge will be added if the class is rescheduled seven (7) days prior to the class. Students who need to reschedule inside the seven (7) day window will be charged an additional rescheduling fee of $15 for BLS & Heartsaver® classes & $30 for ACLS & PALS classes. Students who cancel the day of their scheduled class will forfeit any funds previously paid to Suncoast Heartsavers. If you decide to cancel the class please refer to our refund policy above.

Late Fees - Late fees will be applied if you did not register and/or pay online seven (7) days prior to the class date. A late fee of $5 will be applied for BLS & Heartsaver® classes & a $25 late fee will be applied for all ACLS & PALS classes.

Class Cancellation - Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC has the right to cancel a class seven (7) or more days prior to the class date.  Situations where this may occur, include but are not limited to, minimum number of students not met to hold the class.  If you have already paid for the class and it's cancelled we will give you the opportunity to reschedule for another class. If you refuse this opportunity you will be granted a refund (refer to refund policy above regarding possible fees). Other special situations where a class may be canceled inside the seven (7) days, include but are not limited to, instructor family emergency where another instructor can not be found, or natural disaster. If a class is cancelled within the seven (7) days you will receive a discount on your next class for the inconvenience. If you have paid for the class & it is cancelled within 7 days due to an unforeseen problem you can receive a refund.

Private Classes - Private classes are provided for groups of 4 to 5 or more. These classes can be held at your home, business, or a mutually agreed upon neutral location. When setting up a private class it is a requirement to inform Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC of the total number of students that will be attending seven (7) days prior to the class date. If on the day of the class there are no shows, and the class number is lower than what was agreed upon, the group will have to pay the originally agreed upon number of students. (Example - You have a group of 10 people taking the BLS for Healthcare Provider Course. Each student would pay $35, totaling $350. On the day of the class if only 8 people show, the group would have to pay the total $350.)

eLearning Courses - eLearning courses are broken into three portions: (1) online, (2) skills practice, (3) skills testing. The prices listed on our website for eLearning courses included all portions previously listed. It is highly recommended that students schedule their skills session prior to purchasing the class on If scheduling is not done prior to purchasing the course, Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC will not be held responsible if the skills session can not be scheduled within the time frame requested. Refunds will not be given if this occurs.

Skills Testing Session - Once you have completed the eLearning course it is your responsibility to contact us by phone or email letting us know you are ready for your skills session. If you have not already scheduled your skills session, Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC will make every attempt to schedule you in a reasonable amount of time. (SCHS recommends scheduling your skills session prior to purchasing an eLearning course) When you show up to complete your skills session you must bring your "Certificate of Completion." This is your ticket to sit for the skills session. Failure to bring this certificate will result in you forfeiting your money.

Card Distribution Policy
- Course completion cards will be mailed out within seven (7) days after successful completion of private & public courses. If payment is made by check, cards will be mailed after checks are cleared. Special arrangements may be made if the student is in a time sensitive issue to continue employment.

Replacement Card Policy
- To receive a replacement card the requestor must have participated & successfully completed a Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC course. To obtain a replacement card a detailed e-mail is required. Please include the following information: your full name (when you took the class), current full address, phone number, course you attended, date you attended the course. Upon written request via e-mail, Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC will provide an American Heart Association® replacement card for a $15 reprint fee for BLS or Heartsaver® Courses and a $30 reprint fee for ACLS & PALS Courses.
Please note - all replacement cards will have the same expiration date as your original card (2-years after the original class date).

Materials/Course Manuals - Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC & American Heart Association® HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that all students obtain the appropriate materials prior to attending the BLS & Heartsaver® classes. It is a REQUIREMENT by AHA to obtain a provider manual for ACLS & PALS courses. Purchasing the course materials will enhance your learning experience and prepare you to succeed. Links are provided on our website to find the appropriate materials. If at any time the links are not working please contact us or visit the links below. Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC will not provide the course materials the day of the class.

Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC & AHA Approved Vendors:
Channing Bete Company®
World Point®

It is required to complete your pretest for both ACLS & PALS courses prior to coming to class. If you have not completed your pretest and show up to class you will not be allowed to attend the class & will forfeit your money.

Photography/Video Policy
- Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC has the right to take photo's and/or video during our classes. If you do not wish to have your photo taken you must provide written documentation to this affect. Photography taken by Suncoast Heartsavers, LLC will only be used on our website or social media to promote our business. It will not be in anyway used for advertising unless written approval is provided by the individual in the picture. If your photo has already been placed on our website or social media & you would like it removed you must provide written documentation, e-mail is considered written documentation. The photo will be removed at our earliest convenience.

If you have any further questions regarding the above information please 
contact us

*Use of American Heart Association® materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association®. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the Association.